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Salubrious Juice & More

Founder and owner Ajay Sharma created Salubrious Juice & More with one simple goal: To foster health and harmony in his community.

He says: Good health is hard to come by. We all deserve to live interesting lives, with full days, full smiles, and full bellies. Those can be difficult to find, though, when you’re weighed down by what you’re putting in your body.

I would know. I’m proud to say that I served my country as a Marine, and military training got me into the best shape of my life. But it didn’t make me feel healthy. I was active and fit, strong and fast, but not energetic. Instead, I felt run-down, almost lethargic. My health deteriorated so far that I was, for a while, concerned that I had cancer.

And, like a good Marine, I did what I could. I got nine hours of sleep every night. I ate rich, high-energy food full of meat and dairy. I drank coffee every few hours to keep me going. None of this helped, and to some extent it actually made things worse: I was dragging myself through my days, exhausted and groggy.

So, I did my research. I took to YouTube to find experts on healthy eating. I read countless books on natural diets and how to use food to cultivate energy, alertness, and a vigorous engagement with life. The book that affected me most was Montel Williams’ “Living Well”. Williams urges his readers to use food as a way to change their lifestyles, and to focus on plant-based smoothies and juices.

That let me turn my life around.It was a joy and libration to discover how much power food has over our lives. For me, the key was organic juices and smoothies. It’s a myth that you need to eat meat every day (or even at all). What you need is clean, healthy, varied vegetation.

It took me less than two weeks to escape my condition. Since then, a plant-based diet of fruits and vegetables has kept me riding high, with the energy to do what matters most to me. My body is better nourished, my mind is awake. My life has been changed, and much for the better.

My mission now is to share what I’ve found. I hope to help some of you find your own good health, and I’m doing that in the most direct way I can: by serving up fresh juices and smoothies from Salubrious Juice & More.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration and for your support. I am truly grateful, and I do appreciate you. Please invite a friend or family member to join us at Salubrious, either in uptown Dallas or just to the north, in Frisco, TX.

From us to you. Salubrious Juice & More doesn’t just sell delicious drinks. We also offer a full juice cleanse, which helps our customers lose weight in a controlled, healthy, and sustainable way. It can also help with arthritis, acid reflux, and persistent fatigue or low energy.

So, please come visit one of our juice bars, sit back, and enjoy lip-smacking juices and smoothies. We appreciate each and every one of our guests, and we’re excited to share the benefits of a natural diet with you!


Salubrious Juice & More