Juice Cleanse Reviews

I love Salubrious!! Their juices are delish! All natural and organic squeezed on site ! No added anything ! And they are independently owned ! I drive all the way from Addison and probably pass 30 juice shops to get my juice at salubrious!

Cherie K

I tried their 3 day juice cleanse for the first time and it was a great way to fast. I lost 5 lbs juicing in a week with light exercise. The flavors were tasteful and I never felt hungry or fatigue. Customer Service was superb with delivery option to my office. If you want to try a quick juicing cleanse, I would highly recommend coming here.

AJ...have really dialed in the formulas for their 3 and 5 day juice cleanses.  My body actually craves healthier food after the 3 day and my craving for sugar was non-existent...


John H

Thank you so much Salubrious! I had a wonderful juice cleansing experience. I’ve been talking so much about it! Thank you. 

I feel more energy and cognitive focus. And lost about 4.5 lbs, which wasn’t a bad side effect at all! The nutrients I take in my body are very important to me and my overall well-being. My immune system is damaged due to MS and I am always looking for natural ways to strengthen myself.

I definitely want to do the cleanse again.


I got an email from @salubriousjuice about a special they were running, and I jumped on it.Actually, my husband and I both did, along with my friend Nancy. The juice were very good, and I couldn't belive how clear-headed I was. Seriously. My brain felt so much less
foggy. AAANNNDD, I didn't hate that I didn't have to plan meals for three days. I love that Salubrious is supper conscientious about using organic produce and preserving the nutrients in their juices through their juicing methods. I will totally do another one in the future...

Lauren L

True story- the other night, an acquaintance saw me and asked if I were pregnant again Soooo, needless to say, methinks it's time for a juice cleanse.

 to the rescue!!! If you're in Dallas, you've got got got to try Salubrious Juice! I did a slightly augumented version of their cleanse because I'm still breastfeeding. but let me tell you: it has not been hard, because their juices are so incredibly delicious. Plus they are 100% organic, fresh and preservative-free. It's my favorite-tasting one in Dallas so far, by far. 

Molly T

I recently completed the 3 day juice cleanse and I have never felt better. It was also one of my first cleanses. I did everything they recommended and took flaxseed oil everyday and did yoga. I never experienced a headache or any other problems while on the cleanse. It actually got to where I was craving the juices and shots.They taste amazing and I never felt hungry,it felt like my body was receiving all the nutrients it needed.I have never felt more regular and energized.I loved it so much that I'm about to do their 5 day cleanse with my boyfriend to end the summer and get ready for classes to resume.I highly recommend their products and juice cleanses especially because they are such a great price for such a wonderful experience. 

Teddy L

Thank you Salubrious for offering the juice cleanse. I’m a 50 year old male that was in need of a reset. I lost 8.5 lbs in 3 days. I’m feeling energized since I ended the cleanse. I will definitely take advantage of this again. Thanks,

Jody S

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1-day Juice Cleanse

1 Black Elixir

1 Mean Green

1 O.M.G.

2 Lovely Red

1 Immune Shot

1 Wheatgrass Shot

1 Ashwagandha Shot



3-day Juice Cleanse

1 Black Elixir
3 Mean Greens
3 O.M.Gs
6 Lovely Reds
3 Immune Shots

3 Wheatgrass Shots

3 Ashwagandha Shots


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5-day Juice Cleanse

2 Black Elixirs
5 Mean Greens
5 O.M.Gs
10 Lovely Reds
5 Immune Shots

5 Wheatgrass Shots

5 Ashwagandha Shots


$249.00 ($40 off) Limited Time Only

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